Two More Bites of the English Apple
(Thirty years later!)
Vol. 13 - November 20, 2013 by Bradley Nelson

I am delighted to have my music heard in the United Kingdom!  I'm a true "Anglophile" ... I have loved all things English throughout my life.  My regard for their choral tradition is second to none!
My first bite of the English "apple" was taken in 1983 when I attended a world premiere of my music in Westminster Abbey.
Now, in 2013 ... thirty years later .... I'm taking two more bites of that same apple!  It is delicious!



Back then, in 1983....

The music features a challenging organ part and a text derived from Psalm 8 and 68 alternating between English and Latin. The melodic motifs repeatedly ascend, musically illustrating the vaulting acoustical spaces of the Abbey.  Vigorous and exciting!

World Premiere in Westminster Abbey
(August 2, 1983)

Premiered in Westminster Abbey in 1983, "How Majestic Is Your Name" was commissioned for the 100th Anniversary European tour of Christ Church Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys, Indianapolis, Indiana - Frederick Burgomaster, Director. 



Now, in 2013 (30 years later ....)

Philip Knighton, host of the radio program "Golden Delicious" on Apple:FM 97.3

UK Radio Broadcast
Radio Broadcast #1 on Apple:FM, Taunton, England
November 14, 2013

England's radio host Philip Knighton has broadcast Brad Nelson's "In Flanders Fields" throughout the world from Taunton, Somerset in the United Kingdom!

This world-premiere recording combines the Fresno State and Chico State chamber choirs from Calfornia under the direction of Anna Hamre and Jeffrey Gemmell.

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Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom

Philip emailed me a few days ago, (completely out of the blue!), asking for permission to broadcast "In Flanders Fields" locally and worldwide over the internet in a program honoring Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in America).  While designing his program, he had received a cryptic email from one of his listeners .... "Canadian poet, Flanders Fields".  He then did some online research which led him to my composition!  He wrote to me, "Incidentally, if you would consider giving other compositions an airing over here, I'd be happy to help - maybe we could somehow set up an interview too."

After sending additional sound files to Philip at his request .... including commentary from me .... he also incorporated the following pieces of mine into his broadcast;

"Frog Song" - Colorado Children's Chorale - Deborah DeSantis, Director
"Have We Not Stood Here Like Trees In The Ground Long Enough?" - Granite Hills High School Choir, El Cajon, California - Merryl Nelson, Director
"All People That On Earth Do Dwell" - Kjos Music Publishers, San Diego, California - Bradley Ellingboe, Director

Click here . . .  to hear the Golden Delicious radio broadcast featuring Brad Nelson's music (19 minutes)

(Click on the image below to link to the Apple:FM website)




Finally, later in 2013...

Ely Cathedral
Cambridgeshire, Engand

Two Premieres in England
(December 21, 2013)

The Choir of Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire (an 11th century Medieval church in England) will perform two of Brad Nelson's pieces in their Christmas Concert this season. They will sing "Gladde Things" and "Good King Wenceslas".  These selections will be accompanied by Prime Brass, a Cambridge-based brass ensemble.

Choir of Ely Cathedral
Paul Trepte, Director


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